Who says you need to buy a guitar?

I have a few songs from White Stripes / Jack White on my youtube playlist and few weeks ago youtube put me in "you might want to watch" a video called "It might get loud", so beside doing normal stuff on computer I played it and watched with one eye. Actual movie is a documentary from 2008 about guitarists Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, The Edge from U2 and Jask White from former White Stripes. As an amateur guitarist, it was pleasent to watch this documentary,  and how these guitarists talked about their begginings, influences, inspirations...

I liked the most beggining, a scene where Jack White is on some farm, on a trench and he hammer nails into a piece of wood. Then he stretches a wire between two nails, uses glass bottle to stretch it more, plug cable and starts playing it. The sound is great!!! althought not so plesent :) After few seconds he stops and says with wondering "Who says you need to buy a guitar".

Here is video:

I can say exactly why, but this video made my... well not just one day, or week but maybe whole month or period :)

I am still in the process of discovering deeper things which comes out from this. It shows that sometimes great and big things can be made from simple things. One of them is really to start with simple and add creativity and invention... Honestly I don't know the history of guitars and how it came to be to that they have six (five, four) strings and I have very little knowledge of music theory, but to play it, it's enough for the very begging only one string!!! I think it relates to how we are used to look on things, world around us and get different view. Like Eistein did with General Theory of Relativity. 

Second, that sentence by it self can be inpirational when it is put into different context (thought I can't currently remember any): "Who says you need ... (insert context) (to do something)".

Third, I already put on my to do list re-recording of this video :) I saw on youtube that some people already did that (I didn't like any of them), but it would be cool to repeat it, and do it in different enviroment: in the farm, in the park, on the street etc. Just need to get all the stuf, but I am looking forward. 

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