My name is Zdenko Hrček (Chrček). I grew up in small village called Pivnice, in Serbia. Currently I live in Prague, Czech Republic which is home country of my wife. I work full time as a programmer, but generally I'm interested in science, technology, education. I am happily married and since 2008 I have twins (boy Daniel and girl Anna) and from March 2013 son David.

I want to write about things that's going through my mind and stuff I'm doing...

Since August 2014 I am working as independant software consultant so if you are interested for cooperation checkout Consulting page and feel free to contact me.

Hope you enjoy this website and stuff I wrote.

You may be wondering why domain is the-swamp.info and not zdenko.hrcek.com or something like similar? I was inspired by TV serial MASH 4077, where Hawkeye, Trapper (later B.J.) lived in a tent which they called swamp. It was military tent, nothing special and fancy but it was their space... and similiar this is mine :)



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