What If You Could Hire A CTO Not Just Another Developer?


I can take care of implementing your idea into reality, don’t worry about infrastructure, servers & administration… Think about your business and ways to earn more money, whether that means attracting more clients, customers or reducing expenses for maintaining your infrastructure. Whether it is just static website, complex web application or backend for your mobile application, I can find a solution that best fits your needs and your business context.

Why you should cooperate with me?

  • If you need bulletproof apps which scale to meet your needs, with laser fast performance, I brings expertise in the unique architecture of the cloud to deliver speed and reliability.
  • If you need modular code which will talk to other pieces of your technology workflow. I can work with your existing API, or help develop the kinds of data exchange you need for your apps to work together, or with with other Enterprise software.
  • If you need the assurance of reliable, bug-free, well-documented code, which will continue to serve your business, working maintenance-free, or extendable by  other developers in the future. I know the right balance between building fast and building smart.

Based on my experience over the last few years, Google Cloud Platform provides solutions for wide range of cases. Read next section to see how.


Google Cloud Platform is set of services / products that are built on the top of Google Technologies. In other words, Google is providing their own infrastructure and solutions for public use. This has some advantages:

  • Practically unlimited servers and storage - You don't have to worry how many resources you are using. Platform adjusts accordingly to the load it needs to handle
  • You pay for amount of resources you use per day. Great thing is that for basic services there are free daily quotas, so if you don’t spend too much resources you don’t pay anything.

I can help you choose correct Google Cloud Services that will fit your needs and implement solution. Contact me so we can discuss.