What to do with your kid when he is for weeks in the bed

Little background: my 5 year old son broke is thigh-bone (femur) in the mid December 2013. For our family it was big change, since he had whole leg in the gypsum cast so he couldn't move (at least first week). For my wife and I, the biggest question was how to occupy him while he is in the bed. So these are activities we are doing. List will probably be updated:

- TV (most obvious time killer. Can be addicting though. We want him to watch TV as less as possible, but sometimes it just doesn't go without it :) )

- Reading books (we have plenty of them, although after some time I get sleepy while reading :) )

- Tinkering - when he could sit (I have small saw, so later when son could sit down, I brought small table near the bed, so could draw objects and cut the out. Another project was paper board rocket. I bought orange LEDs, batteries and switch. So we were also soldiering and put LEDs at the bottom so they look like fire burning from motors)

- Homeschooling (Since we are Montessori focused we have some accessories and we are loaning from the kindergarten which they are attending. This one requires lot of focus and planning (at least for me))

- Experiments (I have a book with experiments for the kids. Most experiments in the book are for older children but as I am writings this, probably there are on internet many inspirations)

- Origami (our favourite activity)

- Discovering new things

- Buying new toys and stuff (luckily, accident happened before Christmas, so it was good opportunity to get things for entertaiment)

- Watching old photos (children's and mine)

- Painting (we put on the floor table-cloth and kids were painting with acrylic and water colors)

- Video games (surprisingly son didn't ask for games on my tablet so often, although few times I allowed him to play)

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