Volvo Trucks - Commercials

This week colleague from work told me about interesting commercial with Van Damme. After watching it on YouTube I've got suggestion of similar videos. It turned out that Volvo Truck devision made few videos to demonstrate capabilities of their truck's models. Videos are amazing and I inluded them all in this page.

Van Damme

Enya, Sunset... magnificent. I have desire to dig out some film with Van Damme in the sake of old times.



(I imagined slightly different scene based on title)

Trucks going full speed with tighted rope between them, so that "balerina" can get from one truck to other.



Director of truck's division has my admiration.



Steering left, right I got it. But how did he managed to go straight? :)


The Chase




Anyway, as someone on internet wrote: "After seeing these videos, I have desire to sell my house and buy some Volvo truck" :)

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