I love Google App Engine but...

update 2015: It's possible to set custom domail now in cloud console https://plus.google.com/+ZdenkoHrcek/posts/Qahe6jKoV2Y

I am working in my free time on a small project. Idea was to do it on Google App Engine (GAE), because there is minimal database administration, ease deployment so I can focus on programming application and that's the best part of it. Not so plesent discovery was that in order to use application on my domain I need to use Google Apps (GA). That wouldn't be problem if it wouldn't cost 5$ per month per user. Previously for one user it was free (I need that user basically just to register and connect Google Apps with my Google App Engine application), but not anymore. OK, I said to myself, I can live with 5$ extra expenses. Now, since this website will have users to sign in, secure connection (SSL) is basically a must. What I didn't know is that to use SSL on custom domain with GAE you need to pay extra 10$ (or even 40$ for VIP), which gives minimum 15$ expenses per month and into this is not even included cost for GAE application which can also raise significantly, in other words for small project that is not built primarely for monetization and for me it's not worth it :) (for bigger company I guess it's not problem). On the other side Google announced free 50$ one time coupon for GAE & GA (due to non free GA account and since they don't solve the issue) and it's claimed for GAE billing (I would be more happier to have it on GA). So now I am thinking where to go from here, maybe I will return to GAE + GA + SSL + custom domain when I will have extra money (from whatever source).

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