Lone ranger or how not to destroy childhood ideals

Previos weekend I had interesting experience: Somehow I watched on Youtube trailer for movie called Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp. In the half way through trailer I realized that I knew that story… Last time when I watched "original" movie was some 20 years ago. Now, interesting is the fact that when I watched it at that time it had almost profound impact on me (I was around 10 at that time). It's hard to explain in which sense... I still remember that boring Saturday afternoon, when I watched on TV... it began with story how some boy's parents were killed and he was raised by indians and became brother with one of them. And when he grew up, he decided to defend justice... he tamed wild white horse, he had Zoro-like mask, he used silver bullets so he can shot more precisely, all backed up with action music... I mean, ideal for 20th century boy :) 

Of course with today's information available, I had the opportunity to find out more about the story. One thing I found out that, that the movie that I watched "was a huge box-office failure" :) Ofcourse I wanted to be excited again as I was when I "lived" that story, so I watched it excited on Youtube... and realized why it was huge box-office failure and kinda became dissapointed. Until then, I had it in my memory as a perfect movie, story, acting... but unfortunatelly it's not anymore and some how I'm angry because of that, but I think there is no way to fix it. Or is it? One thing I learned from this is following: When you grow up, don't watched movies / cartoons which you watched as a kid, and which had big impact on you... because you can ruin it!!!  

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