Goodbye and hello

Well, these days there is a big fuss about the end of the world, of course it didn't happened... again. I was wondering what could be the next potential date for the end of the world. I work in a company where we have few computer systems and in many aspects we use dates... there are cases when we use "infinite" date, but of course that's not practicaly possible. So for example, in one system we use 31.12.3999 in other 21.4.4037 (or sometime similiar) on both ways in don't know where did it came from. Now I imagine, if in 1000 or 2000 years archeologists at that time will explore and examine our current civilization and try to "decode" archeological findings - hopefully hard disk drives will survive and will be heritage for distant generations where whole wisdom and history of todays mankind will be recorded... they could bump to our database and see dates which we used. And they will wonder: "Why they didn't used bigger date? Like they thought or expected that there will end after that (for some reason)?" We also today probably wonder how did ancient civilizations come to their ends of the world, and probably it coud be similar as in my company: they needed some infinite date and somebody gave concrete date as a representation (in their system, whatever that system could be). So goodbye until next end of the world.

Hello (world) and welcome to my page. This is my first article, and hopefully there will be plenty more. I would like to write about different things which come to my mind, ideas, thigs I've done.

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