BookReview - Quiet: The Power of Introverts

In 2012 I watched TED video from Susan Cain about introverts and I was quite inspired and discovered that she actually wrote a book QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking about that topic so I added it to my "to read list". For Christmass as a present I got a that book and I was surprised that is already translated in Czech language (but since it's international bestseller, surprise shouldn't be that big). I read almost in one breath, so I would like to share few insights:

Character & Personality - Susan writes how (American) society was transformed in the begging of 20th century, from society that values character to society where personality played more and more important role and which went it straight line with extrovert characteristics. Similiar stuff I read in book 7 habits of highly effective people. 

She then writes about her visits to Tony Robinson seminar (never heard about him before) and Harward Business School, where from her talks with students came out that there are almost no introverts. Studying electrical engineering, for me It's not so easy to imagine enviroment where all students are extroverts and that extroverty is empasized and promoted. But probably that's how it goes in business school. Interesting thought was that introvert managers (leaders) listen more and gives more space to people in the team who want's to contribute contrary to extrovert leader which naturally gives orders and don't mind about opinions of others, so for him is ideal to have in team people who will execute his orders. Interesting was also topic of introvert Christians and how it's not always easy for them to be in the Church. I think that this depends from Christian group to Christian group, people there, empasis on thigs. But church is not definitely a solo thing.

Interesting question (topic) was concerning where does the temperament come from. In short it's 40-50% genes. Rest... I don't remenber what was written :) She mentioned also connection with sensitivity. Next chapter is about creativity where she writes about strong side of introverts: be focused and work on one thing in solitude until it isn't finished. For computer geeks, well known example is Steve Wozniak and and first Apple computer. For me the biggest suprise was fact (backed by few research papers) that brainstroming is not always ideal way to generate ideas, solutions and that open space offices, teamwork is not suitable for everyone.

She then makes comparison between Eastern(Asia) and Western cultures, where Eastern is more "quiet". So students that have Eastern origins have better results and they have hard times to understand Western culture :). I flew over topic about having opposite partner (opposite in a sense of having a partner as a extrovert) can sometimes be difficult (very difficult) , but I think I will come back to this. Lastly there is chapter for parents who have introverted children... and they shouldn't be worried, instead they should support them.

After first chapter it was clear for me (what I suspected before) that I was introvert and that that's ok. :) It helped me to get more in touch with some things what I felt, and hopefuly it will help me to use more efficient my talents and traits. Anyway I recomend this book. 

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