Adding Disqus comments

Since the beggining of this site I used Django comments application for allowing people to write comments. After some time, I noticed that certain pages became quite popular for spammer and although there is built-in prevention against spammers in this application, my experience so far is that is completely useless. So I was searching how to improve fighting agains the spam in my comments. I must say thought, that as I am aware, I didn't have any non spam comment yet :)

One option was to use Akismet and although they have free option for personal use, somehow it didn't convinced me. Second option I found out on blogs was Disqus, which I found more attractive. Main difference between Akismet and Disqus that Akismet is integrated into Django application and and it needs to be hooked in to comment creation, to check wether comment is spam or not and Disqus is totally independant site. With Akismet comments are stored in your database and with Disqus they are stored in their database. Fortunately it's possible to import/export comments (although I didn't tried that yet)

To start using Disqus, one needs to register his website which is easy and not complicated. Fortunately there is also django-disqus application which even makes it easier to use with Django. Installation and use is straigth-forward as described in documentation 

in I added 


and then in my template which renders every page I added following lines:

 {% load disqus_tags %}
{% set_disqus_identifier "page_" %}
{% set_disqus_title page.title %}
{% disqus_show_comments %}
{% disqus_dev %}

and that's it.
as I understand there is no need to register for Disqus API in case you don't want to do more sophisticated things
So far no spam comments :) (and no real comments either :))


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